Numbrs focuses on the product with new branding and brand name

We are one company, developing one product and together we are working towards one goal: to be world’s most customer-centric financial services company. To celebrate this singular mission, to underline our core values, simplicity, focus & no compromise and to put emphasise on our product, we have decided to rebrand.

We are excited to announce that, from today onwards, our brand and our product will go by the same name: Numbrs.

Why Numbrs?

The name Numbrs was chosen carefully. The title of our product and our new brand name represent our focus on providing our users with the insights and facts necessary to make the right financial decisions and to be in control of their money. In the financial services industry, facts are made by numbers.

We don’t want to confuse our users by giving them unclear and opinion-driven suggestions on how to manage their finances. Instead, we want to provide the best fact-based financial services possible.

A brief history of our brand

Martin Saidler founded Centralway Holding in 1999 as a venture capital firm. The name Centralway was chosen to stand for focus, clarity and straightforwardness.

Over the years, the company’s focus changed. From 2011 to early 2014, Centralway’s purpose was to found businesses in the financial technology industry (FinTech). During this time, Centralway grew from 5 to 100 team members at its headquarters in Zurich.

With the market launch of the “Numbrs” app in April 2014, Centralway turned its focus on developing banking software. After a few months on the market, the “Numbrs” app became the market leader among independent banking apps.

Followed by the successful market launch, the increased media and market exposure in 2014 put the “Numbrs” brand in the spotlight. The term “Numbrs” became increasingly prominent not only among users but also around the corporate world. In June 2014, Apple raised an objection against the “Numbrs” brand, as they had developed a spreadsheet application called “Numbers”.

Against the advice of our lawyers, we decided to contact Apple directly and not to go through their representative. Martin Saidler wrote a long letter to the global head of legal at Apple Inc. in Cupertino. The letter expressed our deep respect towards the Apple brand and the legacy of Steve Jobs. A few weeks later, we received an answer from Apple granting us permission to use the brand name “Numbrs”, provided that we adhere to the two following conditions:

  • Limiting the use of the Numbrs trademark
  • Changing the brand name from Numbrs to Centralway Numbrs

We agreed. To our knowledge, this was the first time that Apple reached out in this way to grant this kind of permission.

Worldwide registered trademark

By registering the trademark “Numbrs”, Centralway Numbrs secured the right to use the mark world-wide. The certificate above, which was issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), confirms that the trade mark was registered by us in the United States, Singapore as well as China, amongst other places.

The Circle

Comprised of the iconic circle and wordmark, the Numbrs corporate logo is the most recognisable representation of our brand. The circle, the main feature of the logo, was deliberately chosen and designed on the basis of the manifold meanings associated with the shape. Representing totality and timelessness, the circle is regarded as a sign of infinity because it is formed of an infinite line.

As such, the circle always stands for completeness and continuity. As it also represents zero in the numeral system, it signifies potential and the beginning of growth, values important for a company with ambitions such as ours. Inspired by the golden ratio, the outer circle is exactly 1.618 times larger than the inner circle.

Centralway no more

The introduction of Numbrs also marks the end of Centralway. Centralway was the foundation for everything that will follow in the future. It laid the foundation and determined the value-set that we will continue and bring into this new era of Numbrs.

In the next days and weeks, we will be updating our brand name across all channel and communication materials, and will register the brand name “Numbrs” with the legal entities.

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