Numbrs cooperates with Israeli cybersecurity experts to protect user data

Numbrs and the family office “Saidler & Co.” of its founder are closely linked to the technology scene in Israel.

Both young and very experienced entrepreneurs regularly visit our headquarters in Zurich to discuss opportunities for cooperation. This week we had the pleasure to welcome a special Israeli delegation of retired military and intelligence services cybersecurity experts to our headquarters.

The reputation of the Israeli cybersecurity know-how and capabilities is recognised worldwide. It is clear that such talent is in very high demand by companies as Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Intel and many others who are opening R&D offices in Israel.

Numbrs hires developers with advanced skills to protect user data

Security and Privacy was always at the core of our activites. Numbrs is continuously implementing high-security standards and therefore the objective of our discussions with the Israeli delegation was on how to establish an operation that will pre-select and invite cybersecurity experts to join the Numbrs team in Zurich.

We believe this is a mutually beneficial opportunity that will allow us to gain additional expertise in the security sphere while training Israeli experts in the intricate details of operating global, scalable and real-time financial services.

We build safeguards into our app to protect your privacy.

Zurich has justifiably earned its place as one of the hubs for global financial services and innovation, and Numbrs is at the core of interaction between incumbents and innovators. We are leading the creation of multiple new security industry standards including customer identification processes and data protection.

We are sure that such cooperation will lead to additional security and protection for our business, partners, and shareholders while bringing us closer to the heart of cybersecurity innovation.

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