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Marius Nacht, a global technology pioneer, invests in Numbrs.

On Tuesday Numbrs announces that Marius Nacht joins its circle of noted investors, bringing the total funding raised by Numbrs to CHF 150m. Marius Nacht is the co-founder and Chairman of the largest company in Israel “Check Point Software Technologies”, a NASDAQ 100 company and a global pioneer in cybersecurity, and he is the co-founder of aMoon Fund. The investment is bringing Marius Nacht to the heart of technology and innovation in financial services.

Marius Nacht said: “I think that both the financial sector and the health care sector are about to witness a major technological change and Numbrs has the potential to benefit from this process.”

Numbrs’ vision is to become a leading asset manager by aggregating the accounts and assets of its clients. As of 2018, Numbrs aggregated EUR 7.2bn in assets on its platform, growing over EUR 1bn in Q4 2017.

Advanced technologies such as machine learning are powering Numbrs’ effort to improve its customers’ personal finances. The firm enables its customers to manage their existing bank accounts and personal finances and cooperates with leading financial services institutions including the Deutsche Bank Group to provide superior products at the best possible price to its clients.

Numbr’s has attracted a number of highly esteemed investors, including the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Dubai (ICD), Sir Ronald Cohen (co-founder of APAX Partners) and Pierre Mirabaud (founding family of Mirabaud Private Bank). Over the last three years, the firm has also established a strong Israeli shareholder base, among the leading names are Leon Recanati, Shlomo Nehama, Israel Makov and Dr. Boaz Barack.

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Saidler & Co. and Marius Nacht intend to co-invest and facilitate each other’s business initiatives.

Saidler & Co., the investment firm owned by Martin Saidler, the founder of Numbrs, is the controlling shareholder of the company. Saidler & Co. is a Swiss investment firm, operating as a single family office and controlling assets across the digital financial services, technology, and real estate industries out of its offices in Zurich and Luxembourg.

Upon concluding the investment in Numbrs, Marius Nacht and Martin Saidler intend to co-invest and facilitate each other’s business initiatives. Marius Nacht is currently in the final stages of setting up a large fund coined aMoon to invest in Israeli Life Science companies while Martin Saidler’s family office is extending its investments into financial services, media and AI industries. aMoon’s mission is to unlock the value of Israel’s life science industry (lack of funding) by directly investing into breakthrough innovations (mid to late stage investments) focused on accelerating cures for leading causes of death and confronting the biggest cost-drivers of the global healthcare industry. Marius Nacht is looking for additional noted European investors to join his cause.

Marius Nacht and Martin Saidler share the views that technology is revolutionizing the global financial sector. They are united in their belief that Numbrs digital banking platform, being independent of the banks, can reshape the sector. Over time the two entrepreneurs would like to import this vision into the Israeli banking environment.


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