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Manage your Revolut Account in Numbrs

We are excited to announce that we will be supporting Revolut in our upcoming Numbrs app release.

Our UK launch will allow users in Germany and in the United Kingdom to add all their different bank accounts from both countries to Numbrs. This will include the popular UK based multi-currency bank Revolut.

While users in Germany and the United Kingdom have been able to use Revolut for a while, they will now be able to manage their Revolut accounts in the Numbrs app. Our recently acquired FCA license enables us to take full advantage of the Open Banking landscape and connect with all major banks in the UK. 

Your Revolut account can be added to Numbrs just like any other bank account or crypto wallet. Learn how to add it here.

Now, being fully licensed and in the last stages of our UK Beta Programme, we are only days away from launching Numbrs in the United Kingdom.

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If you live in Germany and already have a German bank account simply download the app now. Numbrs is available for iOS as well as Android and is entirely free on both operating systems.

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