Manage All Your Bank Accounts With One Single App.

Connect all your bank accounts from any bank to Numbrs, and managing all your finances becomes simpler than ever before.

Link your bank account and let Numbrs do the hard work for you.

Whether you connect one or more bank accounts, Numbrs will always provide you with a complete picture of your finances. It does not matter which Bank you are with — the app supports more than 3,500 banks.

More than 40 Million Germans have bank accounts in different banks and 20 Million have bank accounts with more than two banks.

The conditions and fees between banks vary. Some banks have attractive conditions for current accounts with no annual fee, while others offer excellent interest rates on savings accounts. However, keeping track of your finances becomes difficult if you’re forced to use multiple applications to check your accounts.

One App. All Banks.

Switch to Numbrs and forget all other finance apps. Check your account balance, control your income and spending, use your loyalty cards, or simply transfer money to friends and family — all in one convenient app.

Additionally transferring money between two different banks can now be accomplished without having to switch back and forth between multiple applications. This saves you time and also makes it a lot easier to keep track of your finances, as both account balances are displayed in Numbrs.

Numbrs is not a bank and therefore we are in the unique position to offer our users unbiased financial insights. Our goal is to simplify and improve finances and empower you to make smarter decisions to manage your money.

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