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Make The Most Of Your Summer – Budget Your Holidays With Numbrs

Yes, there have been better times to travel. And yes, there may have been better moments to spend your money on a holiday. But let's be honest. Most of us will be taking a break from work this summer in one way or another. Whether it be using your home as a base for day trips and activities or going on a full holiday trip to a nearby destination. However, creating those unforgettable summer memories comes at a cost. All the more important to plan ahead and make your budget work for whatever plans you may have. 

If you’ve been using the Numbrs app, you already know how simple and convenient it is to manage your personal finances, but what you may not know – it is just as great in helping you budget for a fun and exciting holiday. Here is how it works.

First Things First: Save Up

If you plan on being active during your break or even want to travel, there is no way around it – you’ll need to account for the extra cost. The best way to do this without putting a dent in your wallet is to start saving up as early as possible and put aside a certain amount of money each month. That way your summer spendings will be spread evenly across the course of the year and you can enjoy your vacation, without the financial downsides.

Create a Savings Goal in Numbrs

The easiest way to commit to your monthly savings and track them by the penny is to set up a savings goal in the Numbrs app. In order to do this, simply tap on the ‘Analysis icon’ in the navigation bar and then on the ‘Goals card’. Now tap on ‘Create new goal’ and name it ‘Holidays’, ‘Travel’ or whatever fits your plans best. That’s it. You have now set your holiday savings goal. Now onto tracking your expenses.

Pro tip: If you keep your savings in a separate bank account you can exclude them from your overall calculation in Numbrs. To do this, simply apply an account filter.   

Track Your Summer Spendings

Once you have set aside a certain amount each month and have reached your savings goal, you can venture off into your well-deserved holidays at ease. The last thing you want to do now, is to spend precious time on calculating the money you have spent so far or on how much you still have left. This is where our spending categories come in. 

In order to track your holiday spendings, you have to assign your holiday expenses to a new category. Simply access the Timeline by swiping up on your Homescreen and tap the ‘Category Icon’ next to the expense, which you want to count towards your holiday. Now select a new category. We recommend using ‘Travel & Holidays’ for this purpose. Once done, simply tap on the ‘Search Icon’ on the top left of your Homescreen, search for ‘Travel & Holidays’, narrow down the results to the time frame of your holiday and you'll see exactly what you have spent so far, all under one single number. Now that you are in full control of your holiday budget, there is only one thing left to do: enjoy your holidays 100% worry-free.

If you are looking for the one personal finance app that does it all, simply try out Numbrs. It is available for iOS and Android and comes entirely free on both systems.

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