Crypto This Week - Week 42
October 22, 2021
Bitcoin recorded a new all-time high with its price passing the $66,000 mark thus putting it on a price discovery phase. Despite creating new highs, exchange reserves continue to show...
Crypto This Week - Week 41
October 15, 2021
Para Para Parachains... The Polkadot (DOT) governance forum has approved a proposal to conduct the first parachain auctions on the network from 11 November 2021. The auctions will come in...
Crypto This Week - Week 40
October 8, 2021
What's new? Who knew? Shiba Inu - The meme coin has risen over 367% in just a week, bringing its market cap to over $12bn. Word on the street is...
Crypto This Week - Week 39
October 1, 2021
Bitfinex mistakenly paid $24m in fees while sending $100,000 of Ether. The actual fee was just $33. Fortunately, the miner was kind enough to return the fee to Hong Kong-based...
Crypto This Week - Week 38
September 24, 2021
The crypto markets received unsettling news this week, including rumors that Tether holds debt-ridden Evergrande’s commercial paper (short term notes) on their balance sheet. Tether, the world's largest stablecoin, staunchly...
Crypto This Week - Week 37
September 17, 2021
Sol-oh No! The Solana Network suffered a 17-hour outage earlier this week. The affiliated SOL token tumbled about 18%. Solana’s centralized structure and its claim of being the fastest blockchain...
Crypto This Week – Week 36
September 10, 2021
BTC hit a road bump as its price retraced nearly 10% after a flash crash that resulted from deleveraging. Overleveraged traders caused a liquidation cascade which appears to be fairly...
Crypto This Week – Week 35
September 3, 2021
CREAM Finance, the DeFi lending protocol, fell victim to hackers and lost over $30m. The attackers exploited the “flash loan” feature, siphoning off 1,300 ETH, 418m AMP and a few...
Crypto This Week - Week 34
August 30, 2021
It was not just 007 screaming it’s “No Time To Die”; Bitcoin mustered up the strength to top the $50k mark for the first since May before retracing back to...
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