Crypto Nation: What makes Switzerland so attractive to Crypto projects?
October 25, 2021
The unique foundation structure and crypto-friendly banks have attracted many global businesses to make their headquarters in Switzerland. Swiss legislation is favourable to economic activities, especially Blockchain DeFi. Data shows...
Evergrande - An Ever-Growing Problem
October 18, 2021
Evergrande is crumbling under a mountain of debt. Evergrande’s collapse poses a systemic risk to the Chinese and global economy. China banning bitcoin again, in this period, may not be...
El Salvador’s Adoption of Bitcoin - Path to Salvation or Road to Perdition?
October 11, 2021
El Salvador became the first nation to make bitcoin legal tender. Opportunities and challenges lie ahead. Time is needed to evaluate the success or failure of this historic step. Time...
The Ethereum Vision: Bigger Than FAANG
October 4, 2021
Ethereum offers an alternative vision for the digital world instead of one dominated by a few unaccountable tech giants. Ethereum is becoming 100x cheaper and faster because of new technologies....
Slaying the Beast - How Bitcoin Can Defeat Inflation and Change the World
September 27, 2021
High rates of inflation are spreading across the world. This may last longer and create more damage than officially forecast. Systemic inflation, created by monetary expansion, can lead to catastrophic...
The Empire Strikes Back - The SEC Versus Coinbase
September 20, 2021
The SEC has threatened Coinbase with legal action over its Lend programme. This action is part of a broader regulatory offensive against the cryptocurrency industry. The SEC’s opaque guidelines are...
Corporates flock from Dollar to BTC
September 13, 2021
Enterprises adopting Bitcoin in their balance sheets is becoming mainstream sooner than one would imagine. The perception of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a serious financial investment is changing -...
Criminal Kryptonite: How Blockchain Can Help in the Fight Against Organized Crime
September 6, 2021
Data suggests that the use of cryptocurrencies for criminal purposes is limited and diminishing. The risk of criminal activity in the crypto ecosystem is often used to justify more regulation....
The Affair Of Elon Musk And Dogecoin
August 30, 2021
Doge started as a joke but Musk’s support made it the talk of the town. The coin’s price rose 200x before crashing down 70% from all-time highs. Musk advisor Birchall...
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