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How to Open a Bank Account from Anywhere at Anytime

Opening a new bank account or switching to a bank account with better conditions is often complicated and time consuming and a lot of times it is unclear what the best conditions are. The Numbrs Store makes it simple and fast.

Transforming a Tiring Task Into a Fast and Enjoyable Experience.

Nowadays we are constantly engaged with our smartphones from which we are ordering food, booking a flights, watching movies or monitor our health — the possibilities seem endless.

This begs the question, if the same can be done for financial products, by skipping the exhausting process of waiting in long queues at the bank counter and filling out complicated forms and then waiting in yet another queue at the post office to complete the identity verification. The answer is — Yes.

Numbrs has turned the hours-long procedure into an enjoyable endeavour of no more than 15 minutes.

How to order a Financial Product in 15 minutes from anywhere in the world.

1.Download Numbrs on iOS or Android — It’s Free and Always Will Be

Numbrs is independent and not a comparison platform because the trust of our users is our highest priority.

2. Visit The Numbrs Store for Exclusive Offers

Our users know we only offer what is best — Numbrs carefully selects every single financial product like the free Wüstenrot Giro Plus account.

3. Learn more about Your Favored Product

Numbrs makes sure to list all the important information about a product in a clear and simple fashion to support users in making an informed decision.

4. Enter The Numbrs Store Chat

With a single tab users are taken to the Numbrs Store Chat where they are greeted by a friendly Store Expert. A couple of standard questions to provide the needed information for the bank and they are good to go. Questions regarding terms and conditions may be asked at any time and the application can always be paused and continued at a later time.

5. Proof of Identity on Your Smartphone

Verifying your identity used to be a tiresome act of printing out application forms (who has a printer nowadays?) and taking your passport to the post office.

With the Numbrs video verification the proof of identity can be comfortably completed from anywhere. A friendly employee will guide users through the video verification steps while looking out that all security measures are met to makes sure the user’s identity is real.

6. Done.

Within 15 minutes the whole process is completed without having left the Numbrs app.

What Sets Numbrs Apart from Other Brokers?

When attempting to open an account or apply for a loan, it is often unclear what the best attributes are and personal preferences are usually left out. It is a strenuous act to go through the plethora of financial products on the web and you never know what hidden costs you may encounter. For that reason Numbrs has vowed to only offer trusted financial products with the best conditions as well as a personalized guidance via the Numbrs Store Chat.

Simple and Secure

Numbrs is working vigorously to make the process for our users as fast and easy as possible and at the same time guarantees for a maximum of data security with end-to-end encryption and fully trained employees.


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