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Houston we have a problem: ETHPad IDO’s post 80x and 40x returns

  • ETHPad is an initial dex offering platform that provides access to cross-chain launches.
  • Stakers receive allocations to upcoming token sales at micro-cap valuations.
  • New projects have a higher risk of failure and may underperform during periods of market turmoil.
  • NFTL, the first project on ETHPad, posted 80x returns, followed by CrossSwap at 40x returns

Investment Idea

Stake ETHPad to receive allocation to upcoming token sales and ~133% APR rewards paid out in ETH.


ETHPad was incubated by BlueZilla labs, the company behind the launch of BSCPad, TronPad and KCCPad. The BlueZilla team markets itself as a VC with in-house developers, designers, influencers, lawyers and launch pads. Given the success of BSCPad and TronPad in posting 100-300x returns, investors eye ETHPad’s small $2.5m market cap for outsized returns.

Notably, Suppoman is involved, along with other crypto influencers:

So if you buy into this thesis, where should you invest? First we should look at the numbers:

ADAPad is scheduled to launch on ETHPad on 9 September.



ETHPad is able to generate ~133% APR, in ETH, to its stakers, through its deflationary staking model. That is, ETHPad charges 10% on all token sales, with 7.5% of proceeds going to stakers. To prevent users from engaging in pump and dump behavior, ETHPad charges a hefty 25% fee for unstaking ETHPad within 21 days of the initial stake. As a result, investors bear price volatility risk in the native token in exchange for potentially outsized returns from new launches.

Given ETHPad debuted in August and remains at a $2.5m market cap, this is a name to keep an eye on as the launch pad ecosystem grows.

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