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Get to Know Numbrs With Our Onboarding Tips

Whether you are new to Numbrs or a seasoned user, learning about new features in the app might be a daunting task at times. You delay digging deep into it and in the end refrain from using a powerful functionality entirely. We know the pain and decided to give you a little assist with our Onboarding Tips.

Hop on board and enjoy the ride

Tutorials or guides are oftentimes neither fun, nor easy to understand. You go through it many more times than you actually want to. They give you the feeling you need to work hard in order to understand.

We tried something a little different. We believe that building good financial habits leads to a better financial health. That's why we built a feature to help you in setting up Numbrs in the best way. 

You might have noticed the little red number in the lower right of your Numbrs homescreen. It is the subtle breadcrumb that leads you to our Onboarding Tips, which are embedded into your profile under Extras. The number displays the amount of new tips that we collected for you in order to get more familiar with Numbrs’ feature set. So let’s see what we have in stock.

From organising, to customising and calculating

We began with the utmost basic but vital features that allow you to manage your personal finances even better. You can learn how to organise your budget, grow your savings or customise notifications the way you please.

Every tip is structured in a way which helps you to understand more very quickly. Two or three screens with an image right out of the app and a short explanation of how to leverage that feature. Once you are through, you can get right into the action by applying what you just learned. After you completed an Onboarding Tip, it is marked as read. The little red number always indicates, if you still have a tip to check out.

Even more to come

The Onboarding Tips are not just meant for new users but everyone. We have some exciting new features planned for this year and the Onboarding Tips will help you to gain easy access to everything new in Numbrs. Once there is a new tip available, the indicator on your homescreen will let you know.

We believe this “feature about our features'' will help you to always stay on the top of all things Numbrs. Never miss a new feature or important change with our Onboarding Tips. Are you intrigued to try it out? Then head into the app and check it out now.

Learn more about the many features of Numbrs on If you have any further questions or comments, you can always contact our friendly support team. You can reach us via chat in the app or via email at

If you are looking for one app to manage your entire financial life, Numbrs is the app for you. It is available for iOS and Android.

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