PSD2 status

Last update: 10.11.2020

The technical implementation of the new EU Directive PSD2 continues. On this page, we inform you about the progress and problems we are experiencing with regards to connecting to certain banks in the Numbrs app.

Latest Updates

✅  For N26 and Barclaycard, it is no longer necessary to enter your login data for each refresh.

✅  For many users we were able to restore the background refresh of the timeline. If you continue to experience problems with this feature, please contact our support.

✅  We fixed several issues relating to authentication and refreshing of the timeline. As a result, many users no longer need to refresh the timeline multiple times to trigger an authentication.

What banks and credit cards are currently not supported?

⛔ Santander Bank

⛔ Currently only credit cards which are connected to a current account are supported (with the exception of Barclaycard).

Why do I have to enter my login credentials for each refresh?

PSD2 requires strong customer authentication. Banks can decide how often this authentication is prompted in Numbrs. For this reason you may have to enter your login details for each timeline refresh. We understand that this is inconvenient and we are expecting this to be simplified in the future.

What are the current issues with regard to the TAN-Methods?

⛔ Some banks require the use of Photo-TAN, which is unfortunately incompatible with the use of a mobile device. We therefore suggest using a different TAN-method.

⛔ SecureGo from Sparda Bank is currently not supported for timeline refresh. We therefore suggest using a different TAN-method.

⛔ Some banks may require the payment initiation and the associated TAN procedure to be executed from two separate devices.

⛔ Some banks may require the entry of a TAN for every sub-account that is being connected to Numbrs.

Should you experience any further issues with the TAN-methods, kindly contact our support.

What other limitations are there?

⛔️ The future timeline is currently unavailable.

⛔️ The creation of scheduled transactions and standing orders is currently not available.

If you have any further questions about Numbrs, simply contact our support.


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