I cannot add my bank account

For special bank cases, you can find a list here.

Did you choose the correct bank?

In order to verify whether you used the correct bank, please use the search function and search for the same bank code (BLZ) you see on your cash card. There happen to be mix-ups regarding this point, so it is worth to double-check.

Are you entering the correct login data?

In order to connect your bank account with Numbrs, you need to enter the same login data you use for your regular online banking. You can also find the specific info for each bank under ‘Special Bank Cases’.

Your online banking access has been blocked

You have entered your online banking PIN or password incorrectly too many times and now your access is locked. Unfortunately, we cannot unlock your account for you, as we don't have access to your data. Some banks allow you to unlock your PIN through the online banking portal by using a TAN. Otherwise, the customer service of your bank should be able to help you quickly.

If you have any further questions about Numbrs, simply contact our support.

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