Did You Ever Fancy Being a Secret Agent? With Numbrs Demo Mode you can.

James Bond, the most famous secret agent that ever (not) lived has an exciting, yet dangerous life. He also has the required funding for all his suits, Martinis, and casino visits. But how does he do it? And how high is his salary? Of course, James Bond is a fictional character after all. And salaries are not necessarily movie material. But there is a way to become him and find out. With Numbrs Demo Mode.

Shaken, not Stirred

Demo Mode allows you to take over the account of the prominent secret agent and peak into his expensive life. Find out what Mister Bond pays money for, how costly his lifestyle is and show it your friends. Our new feature allows you to showcase Numbrs to your friends and family without revealing your personal information. Your are the spy after all. James Bond is not the only persona available in Demo Mode though.

Pretend to spend excessive amounts of money for Manolo Blahniks like Carrie Bradshaw from „Sex and the City“. Stroll down Diagon Alley as Harry Potter and buy magical potions, a new magic wand, and even an owl. Or reveal the finances of the world’s most powerful politician. Demo Mode blends our rich feature set with an entertaining approach, so you don’t have to compromise on your personal privacy.

See it All, Try it All

However, Demo Mode is not only a feature to have a little fun with. Demo Mode includes all of the app’s powerful capabilities like multi banking and crypto wallet management, smart analysis of your finances as well the sleek design that you love.

Demo Mode is free and available with our next update of Numbrs. You can launch it conveniently from inside the app and start having fun by exploring the profiles of these famous personas.

If you are looking for one app to manage your entire financial life, Numbrs is the app for you. It is available for iOS and Android and is entirely free. For feedback, further questions about Demo Mode or the Numbrs app in general simply contact our support team.

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