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Centralway Numbrs launches new B2B banking platform —

Centralway Numbrs is launching a B2B portal, enabling banks to integrate their financial products into the Numbrs Store in just a few steps, digitally, free of charge, and without cost and effort being spent on IT.

The Numbrs Store is Germany’s first financial products distribution platform, run independently of a bank, and is part of the Centralway Numbrs app, Germany’s most popular independent banking app, with 1.5 million downloads. The B2B portal can now be accessed via

“The Numbrs Store is a distribution platform, enabling banks to reach completely new client segments, and to meet the increasing demands made by clients on e-commerce offers. Now we’re taking things a step further and are bringing down the technical and financial costs for banks, to integrate their products into our platform, to an absolute minimum. Quick access to potential clients has never been so simple,” said Øyvind Oanes, CEO of Centralway Numbrs AG.

Automated integration of financial products

It takes just a few steps to integrate financial products into the Numbrs Store. Firstly, banks will need to register on, and set up a user account. The API documentation is then sent to Centralway Numbrs. Since the software automatically adapts to the banks’ interfaces, the financial products can then be integrated into the Numbrs Store without further adjustments. Centralway Numbrs’ app users can then view the offers in the Numbrs Store, and apply for them directly.

“The technical integration of financial products is normally a lengthy and complex process, for all parties. Finally, banks operate very different interfaces. Now, we have developed a technology that simplifies this process — regardless of the interface a bank uses,” added Oanes.

More than just a multibanking app

Centralway Numbrs is offering much more than a multibanking app, via which different bank accounts can be grouped together. Through a complex anonymous data analysis, users also find financial products that meet their individual financial circumstances. For example, if a user is in the process of paying off a relatively expensive loan, he receives a tip that he could repay the loan under better terms and conditions. In the Numbrs Store, they can then choose from a variety of cheaper financial products from different banks, and conclude a contract, directly via the app. In all this, Centralway Numbrs operates totally independently. The company is currently working together with Postbank, norisbank and Süd-West-Kreditbank.

About Centralway Numbrs

Centralway Numbrs is a customer centric financial services company. It enables its customers to manage their existing bank accounts and personal finances. Centralway Numbrs is not a bank and won’t become a bank. Centralway Numbrs is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and employs 150 people. 1.5 million bank accounts in Germany are currently managed through the app and it is the #1 bank independent banking app on iOS and Android. The majority shareholder in Centralway Numbrs is Saidler & Co., the family office of Martin Saidler (

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