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Banking becomes Technology

We live in a connected world. Technology is a part of an ever increasing number of moments and aspects of our lives. From checking notifications when we wake up, repeated scroll-down during our daily commute or watching our favourite shows before bed, technology is an insatiable part of our daily routine.

This shift is especially clear for critical parts of our lives such as finance or health. As the world goes mobile, apps are at the centre of this change.

Our parents or grandparents would expect to know the name of their bank manager. That relationship was crucial for securing a mortgage or a loan. Newer generations’ relationship to banking are defined by fewer branches, more telephone banking and greater access to online services. Today, the majority of people don’t know who their bank manager is. In fact, it’s likely that the branch isn’t there anymore. It’s probably a winebar or supermarket.

While some may shed a tear for this change, at Centralway Numbrs we believe that technology is bringing a better way of banking.

Mobile banking apps are on the rise, and are increasingly helping customers limit the need to visit bank branches. With apps close to hand, customers can enjoy a tailored approach to banking that suits their financial needs within seconds.

Apps that partner with financial services companies aim to improve users’ access to a number of features. The partnership between the banks and the Numbrs app is specifically designed to better suit customers’ lives. Banks see in the Numbrs Store a platform of choice to distribute their products, and use the app as a channel that benefits both their business and their customers. Such cooperation is mutually beneficial, and, at Centralway Numbrs, we believe that this partnership serves traditional financial services rather than disrupting them.

Likewise, most customers have access only to their own bank’s app. We think this is useful, but limited; most customers have many other financial products and yet there is no way for a customer to see all in one place. Industries become apps, and we think the banking industry is no different. That’s why we built Numbrs.

The increasing use of intelligent technologies, big data and advanced analytics can now offer incredible scope of growth, for a great digital experience. Every move is now easier and quicker, especially for a younger audience that wants digital access to everything. Offering a range of benefits through mobile platforms is very much in line with the dramatic evolution of financial services access, and contributes to a quality user experience.And it is what it is all about after all: a seamless customer journey. Quick, efficient and easy.


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