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The only Swiss based wallet providing unique privacy and security for your crypto

  • Store your crypto in Switzerland
  • No one but you can access your private key. Not even us.
  • Get access to exclusive research articles
  • Strict Swiss data privacy and security
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What can Swiss Wallet do?


All Your Crypto In One Place

Send, receive and store Bitcoin and multiple other cryptocurrency assets more easily and securely than ever before. With Numbrs Swiss Wallet you can store and manage all your cryptocurrencies, stable coins, gold and silver tokens and more in Switzerland.

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Your Crypto Secure In Switzerland

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Numbrs is a non-custodial wallet. Therefore with Numbrs Swiss Wallet only you have access to your private key. Not even us can acccess your private key. Your private key is no longer stored at a crypto bank with the risk of total loss in the event of bankruptcy, but instead is stored directly on your personal device. As a backup, Numbrs keeps an encrypted copy on high-security servers in Switzerland. You alone have access to this copy, as Numbrs cannot decrypt your private key. Combined with Swiss data protection, the Numbrs Crypto Wallet guarantees the world's best protection of your crypto assets.


First-class, real-time research

Numbrs conducts exclusive, neutral research on digital asset classes and makes it available in the Swiss Wallet: timely reports, a weekly focus article, and continuously updated analyses of new investment options. Topics encompass decentralised finance, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, smart contract platforms, and Web 3.0. Numbrs analysts are bank-independent specialists based in Switzerland, Singapore, the UK, Germany, and the US.


Why Numbrs?

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100% neutral and independent

Numbrs is not a bank, does not cooperate with banks, neither brokers bank products nor accepts commissions. Numbrs is not trading data and is not financed by advertising. The Numbrs Swiss Wallet is funded solely by users' subscription fees. Therefore, Numbrs is without conflict of interest.


Swiss data protection and privacy

Numbrs safeguards your data comprehensively according to Swiss standards. Switzerland's strict data protection, advanced regulation, enduring neutrality, and political stability guarantee the world's best protection for your financial data and crypto assets. Thanks to consistent encryption, your assets are not accessible or viewable even by Numbrs itself.

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Intelligent, simplistic, Intuitive

You can work with Swiss Wallet from the very first moment. Everything operates the way you would expect it to. Utmost clarity, fluent processes, and precise results make the Swiss Wallet a smart and powerful tool. A tool that is a joy to pick up.


Answers to frequently asked questions
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