The Smart Wallet for your financial health.

Keep and use your bank accounts, crypto-wallets, and loyalty cards in one place.
Let the world's leading AI technology make the most of your money.

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The Smart Wallet for your financial health.

Keep and use your bank accounts, crypto-wallets, and loyalty cards in one place.
Let the world's leading AI technology make the most of your money.

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Smart Wallet

Keep and use all your bank accounts, crypto wallets, and loyalty cards in one place. Numbrs Smart Wallet makes it super easy to check individual account balances, find out how much money you have in total, keep track of all your transactions, monitor crypto balances, and never miss out on loyalty points at your favourite stores again.

All bank accounts

Whether you want to manage one or multiple bank accounts – with Numbrs, you are always in control. No matter which bank you use.

All Crypto Wallets

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. – no matter which crypto currency you favor, Numbrs Smart Wallet enables you to manage the most popular crypto wallets in one place.

All Loyalty Cards

Just leave your plastic cards from IKEA, Starbucks or Miles & More at home. Add your favorite rewards card to Numbrs Smart Wallet, so you never miss out on rewards and benefits. You don’t even need to open the app for it.

Multiple currencies

With Numbrs, you can manage different accounts from several countries and multiple currencies, including the British Pound or the Euro.

One balance

What is the balance on one account, and what is it on the other? What is my overall financial situation? We got you covered. Numbrs aggregates all balances from all your accounts into one.

Transaction details

Details matter. Receive important information and intelligent insights into every single transaction.


The Timeline feature helps you to keep track of all transactions and account activities. Scroll forward into the future or back in time to check every transaction in every account.

Future Timeline

With the Future Timeline feature, you can see the future of your finances. The feature analyses your scheduled expenses and calculates your upcoming account balance in real time.


The Search feature helps you to find a specific transaction quickly. Search for a particular term, an amount, a recipient or a time frame.


Let the world's leading AI technology make the most of your money. Find out if you're getting paid appropriately, how secure your job is, if you're paying too much on your loan, and how you really spend your money. The best thing: with each transaction, the AI-powered insights get smarter.

Insights highlights

Is my job safe? Am I being paid fairly? What do I spend my money on and does my spending correspond to my salary? These questions are important for your financial health but have been difficult to answer until now. Numbrs Insights provide you with new information about your finances.

Questions that Insights will answer from now on:

Am I creditworthy? How secure is my salary? Do I get paid appropriately? Should my salary be increased? How much money can I spend? Where can I save the most money? How do I reach my goals faster? What is my net worth? Am I perhaps overinsured? Which products do I really need? How much money do I have in a year?

Safety net

Thanks to AI-powered insights you will know how long you would go without a salary based on your account balance and your average expenses.

Market value

Do you get paid appropriately? Insights compare your salary with the labour market situation in your region and specifically for your position.

Average spending

Everyone knows the feeling: maybe I spend more money than I really should. This is finally over. Insights show you whether your expenses correspond well with your salary.

Top 3 merchants

A pair of sneakers here, a new smartphone there. It's easy to lose track of everything. Find out which companies you spend the most money with.


The Finance Report feature automatically organises and monitors all your income, your spendings, budgets, and savings. It is all about facts and figures, not the personal opinion or recommendation of your banker.

Income & spending

How much money did you spend on coffee two weeks ago or traveling in the last year? The Finance Report will show you. The feature organises your income and expenses conveniently based on time frames and categories for years past.

Saving Goals

We all have wishes that we could fulfil with the necessary funds. Whether it’s the dream car or own home – The Saving Goals feature helps you to track your progress and achieve your goals faster.


One minute you're not paying attention and you've already spent more than you should. The Budget feature helps you set a budget, track your spending, and automatically alerts you before you overspend… in the end, you decide.


Wouldn’t it be nice: a spontaneous short trip. But can you afford it? The "Available“ function calculates in real time how much money you have available after deducting your fixed costs.


A high doctor's bill or unexpected repair costs - there are many good reasons to build up savings. The Savings feature shows you exactly how much money you have saved this month and how much you should save.


The Categorisation feature automatically sorts all your transactions into clearly arranged categories, e.g. your weekend shopping into the category Food, your new iPhone into the category Electronics, or the Uber ride into the category Transport.

Send Money

Secure. Easy. Fast. With the Send Money feature, unnecessary number twisters and forgotten payments are a thing of the past.

Send money internationally

Whether nationally or internationally: pay all your bills and send money to your friends and family, no matter where they are.

Contact List

Save popular recipients in the Contact List and avoid having to enter the IBAN or any account numbers manually in the future.

Standing Orders

Create useful Standing Orders and monitor their correct execution in the Numbrs app.

Scheduled transfers

Sometimes we can’t pay a bill because we are on holiday, when the rent is due. Plan your payments ahead of time with scheduled transfers, and mark them as done.


The Send Money feature supports all common TAN-methods offered by banks, such as chipTAN, smsTAN, and pushTAN.


Finances are a private matter. With Numbrs, you can be sure that it stays that way. Security and the protection of your privacy are inseparable from Numbrs.

Face ID & Touch ID

Your personal Numbrs account can only be accessed with your code, with Touch ID or Face ID. Your fingerprint and facial data are unique and the most secure way to log in.

No Ads

Numbrs will not display advertising, nor do we create a data profile about your activities. Our neutrality prevents access to your information by banks and insurance companies for advertising purposes.

End-to-End Encryption

From the moment you add your account to Numbrs, all your information is fully protected by the most advanced end-to-end encryption technologies.

Data Lock

The Data Lock feature alerts you whenever your bank account is being updated in the background and a connection with your bank is established.

Security Code

Creating a secure code is the most important aspect for protecting your account. The code is standardised to six digits. So there are a million possible combinations.

Certified security

We strictly comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. In addition, independent security experts regularly verify that all aspects of the app adhere to the highest security standards. Numbrs has received several security awards.


Whether you are waiting for your next paycheck to do a major purchase or if you just want to stay up to date. Notifications update you on the most important transactions.


Finally - your paycheck has arrived. Receive a notification as soon as the money is in your bank account.


Maybe you shouldn’t buy those jeans now. Notifications will automatically alert you if you have almost used up your set budget.

Security & Privacy

Helpful notifications inform you about the latest security and privacy measures.


Receive a notification whenever a certain transaction has been made or is about to be executed.

Control center

Adjust every notification to your needs. Activate Privacy Mode to change the content or frequency of notifications.


Receive a daily overview of your account balance and a summary of all your income and spendings.


Once a week it is PayDay in the Numbrs app where we pay out €50,000 to our users. True to our mission, PayDay helps our users to live a financially healthy life.

App Feature

Numbrs PayDay is not a typical recommendation programme, but a standalone feature in the app. Find out when the next PayDay takes place, check your tickets or find out how much money will be paid out to you.


Choose between a monthly or annual subscription and try Numbrs for free for up to two weeks. You can cancel your subscription for free at any point during the trial period.


Finances are annoying and boring? We will prove you wrong. Discover entertaining features and easter eggs within the Numbrs app.

Demo Mode

Would you like to show Numbrs to your friends without revealing your personal information? Then activate Demo Mode and take control of the bank accounts of Carrie, Donald or James.

What if Calculator

When will I become a millionaire? Or how much money could I save if I quit smoking for the next six months? Our “What If” calculator has all the answers.


We want to offer you the best customer service. Our support chat, our team of experts and our smart FAQ articles help you quickly and efficiently.

Smart FAQ

Our smart FAQ articles help you find answers quickly. You don’t even have to contact our team anymore.


You would like to ask our team directly? No problem, the integrated Chat feature connects you with our experts right in the app.

Support Experts

Get support from the people who know Numbrs best. Our trained Support Agents are happy to help you in an efficient and friendly manner.


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