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5 Best Ways To Save Money During The Christmas Season

Here are some useful tips on how to stay on budget while still getting great presents for your loved ones.

Every German spends € 500 on average during Christmas. Giving presents to your loved ones, to your friends and colleagues, is an excellent way to express your admiration. Nevertheless, the outcome shouldn’t be for you to run into mountains of debt and forcing you to cut back drastically in the aftermath. Here are 5 useful tips on how Numbrs helps you to keep your budget while still enjoying the festive season:

1. Make a List, Make a Wish.

To start, you should make a list of all your Christmas expenditures. Thinking about expenses for gifts is obvious but don’t forget about cards, wrapping paper, traveling costs, charitable donations, and decorations. Once you created your list you can create a personalized budget. The analysis feature of Numbrs allows you to easily create budgets which help you to keep an overview of your expenses.

The Analysis feature of Numbrs — Be in control of your finances.

2. Your Balance at a glance.

The timeline feature neatly displays all of your incomes, expenses, and payments. You can even forecast your balance after scheduled payments and standing orders are subtracted in the future timeline. Check your balance on the Timeline before you buy a gift to make sure it’s within your budget.

3. Preparation Is Everything.

Saving goals can be useful if you want to save for your Christmas budget throughout the year. If you save a small amount every month throughout the year, you’ll have a solid budget when the time comes.

4. The More You Know.

Once you’ve created a budget, you can add a notification to inform you when your budget spending has reached 80% and when it has been exceeded. You can also turn on the daily summary of your transactions to inform you about your current balance.

The Notification Feature gives you a heads-up you when you’re on a shopping spree to support you keeping your expenses under control.

5. Reasons We Overspend.

Sharing is caring, especially during Christmas. Showing our affection with warm gestures to overcome the chilly temperatures of the winter season, makes us happy. However, impulse purchases are one of the reasons we overspend, and it disrupts your budget plan. Another cause of overspending is using credit too often, which can lead to interest rates.

The overdraft interest rate can be as high as 14 %. Don’t underestimate little expenses like eating out, coffee, fuel for your car and so on. Create budgets with Numbrs for every category to prevent any costs from sneaking up on you at the end of the month.

Happy Shopping!

Having a balanced budget has a positive impact and can relieve you from a lot of stress. We hope these tips help you to keep track of your Christmas spendings and also generally improve your spending habits.

Our mission at Numbrs is helping you in the best way possible to keep track of your finances and make informed decisions on how to spend your money. We hope you have a great and relaxed time buying presents — after all, it is fun to purchase cool new things.

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