The atomic icon on your Homescreen

It’s the eye-catcher on your Homescreen, when it is active. It’s incredibly simple to use. And, it knows exactly what you may need at just the right time. We are talking about one of our strongest features - Numbrs Insights.

Why Insights are so powerful

The simple answer is: because Insights are incredibly useful. But let’s take this a little further. When we created this feature, our goal was simply to help the user save money. The principles behind it were clear: no useless upselling, no personal advisory, no bias. Just data driven Insights on a neutral basis to help each user improve their financial life. In short – creating real value for those who use Numbrs.

How to use Insights

Whenever Numbrs detects an opportunity for you to save money or improve your finances, the grey icon on your Homescreen becomes active and tappable. For each financial Insight that Numbrs has detected, it shows you a card. Insight cards cover all areas of your finances, where you can save money. Whether it be avoiding unnecessary transaction fees or withdrawal fees, refinancing or consolidating existing loans, or simply letting you know how much money you have spent at a specific store. Tapping on the card itself provides you with further information and even lets you take immediate action. For example, when you would like to receive loan offers to refinance an existing loan. And we are already working on even more Insights to improve your day to day finances. Finding out what works for each user, however, requires more than connecting a couple of digital dots.

The technology behind it

In order to provide you with Insights that are unbiased, neutral and work in your best interest, we designed several algorithms, which use machine learning and constantly improve their performance. As one algorithm may analyse your transactions and categorise them for you automatically, another algorithm uses this information to provide you with precise insights on how to save money. Whenever a current opportunity is detected, the Insight icon on your Homescreen comes to life.

Looking the part

Our Insights are fundamental to improving your financial life. In fact, they are a core feature of Numbrs and are the highest expression of our complex algorithms. The icon on the Homescreen not only reflects this fundamental nature in its functionality, but also in its design, which is reminiscent of an atom.

Are you curious about how Numbrs can help you save money? Simply download the app, add all your accounts and see what Numbrs Insights may find. Numbrs is available in the Apple App Store as well as the Android Play Store and is completely free.

For feedback, further questions about the Insights feature or the Numbrs app in general simply contact our support team.

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