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The Advantage of Smart Multibanking

Every second household in Germany and the United Kingdom has at least four bank accounts at the same time. But the ongoing trend of ever more financial accounts is no longer limited to the offering of traditional banks. 

New players, such as crypto platforms, loyalty programmes, digital money and payment accounts like Paypal, Amazon and many more have created a plethora of virtual opportunities to store a user’s funds. While each person can freely decide how they want to manage their finances, the trend of unbundling them comes at a cost.


The more accounts you have, the less you will know, how much money exactly each account holds. While this may not be relevant at all times, it does affect the way you spend money. Knowing how much money you have will help you manage your finances more smartly. Or in other words, to make good financial decisions, you should have a clear overview of your overall financial status. 


The second issue with unbundling your finances is convenience – or lack thereof. Having to log into each app and platform with different passwords and credentials one by one to access all your different accounts not only makes it tedious to track your balance, it takes time. And with each new account, the process becomes longer. You can see where this is leading – managing all your accounts individually simply doesn’t make sense. But there are other drivers for the increasing demand for smart multibanking.

International Bank Accounts

For most people it has become common to not only move cities for a promising job, but entire countries. This not only results in a constant change of one’s financial circumstances, it also means more financial accounts in various countries. While someone from Germany may be working and living in the United Kingdom, they may still have a German bank account in addition to their recently opened UK bank account. A trend, which is increasing.

One App for All Your Finances

This is where the Numbrs app can make your life a lot easier. Instead of logging in to different banking apps with different logins to get an overview of your finances, users can manage all their bank accounts and crypto wallets with one single app. To make it even simpler, the Numbrs homescreen shows you your overall financial status – all your accounts – under one single balance. 

Our latest release even lets users in Germany and the United Kingdom manage their bank accounts from both countries and in multiple currencies. By taking full advantage of PSD2 in Europe and Open Banking in the UK, we now seamlessly support all major banks in both countries: Revolut, Monzo, N26, Barclays, HSBC, RBS, Deutsche Bank, Sparkasse, Commerzbank, Volksbank, and many more – let alone Coinbase and Bitstamp crypto wallets.

In addition, the Numbrs app offers several features to manage your finances effectively and save you money. Whether this be our data driven analysis of your income and expenditure, our smart insights on how to improve your finances, our ‘left to spend’ budgeting feature or the loyalty card aggregation, which allows you to use all your loyalty cards from the Numbrs app. And there is more.

If you are looking for a way to see your overall financial status across multiple countries at a glance, to improve your finances or simply want to save time  – Numbrs is the app for you.

The Numbrs app is available for iOS as well as Android and is completely free.


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