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Sparkasse back in Numbrs with full functionality

After a long transitional phase, Sparkasse users have reason to be excited. After some initial forth and back on dates as to when one of Germany’s most popular banks would switch to the new API standard – PSD2 – they have finally made the transition. 

For Numbrs users as well as Sparkasse customers, this is great news: Sparkasse is back in Numbrs with full functionality. In other words, you can now manage your Sparkasse accounts including all features and functionalities in the Numbrs App once again.

These are the most important improvements:

Numbrs and PSD2

As a measure to rekindle competition in the financial sector and strengthen the position of third party companies and customers, the EU drafted the Payment Services Directive, in short PSD. The most recent edition, PSD2, came into force on September 14th 2019, requiring all european banks to implement this directive in form of an API, granting an open exchange of financial information at the discretion of the user.

As the leading account aggregator in the German market, we have always welcomed the prospect of a standardized way to exchange financial information across all European countries. Our goal has always been to provide users with the best app to manage their finances across all of their accounts. HBCI – the standardized German API prior to PSD2 – allowed us to do this flawlessly in the German market. PSD2 can now help us to do this across Europe. While PSD implementation has been a challenging process in Germany due to the lengthy adaptation by many banks, we were ready and compliant from the start. Slowly but surely, we are seeing improvement. And by the example of Sparkasse we can now say that our efforts are starting to pay off.

For more information on the start of our journey with PSD2 click here. You can also find our previous update on PSD2 in our blog section. For more questions and answers regarding the support of different account types in the Numbrs App, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or visit our PSD2 Status page for the current status of the PSD2 implementation.

If you haven’t tried Numbrs yet, you can download it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. It is available for iOS as well as Android and comes for free on both systems.


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