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Over 60.000 applications and counting

In 2019, Numbrs reached a valuation of $1 Billion, making us the first Swiss Fintech Unicorn. Our growth has not only confirmed our position as one of the leading fintechs in Europe, but has made Numbrs increasingly attractive as an employer. This is reflected in the many applications we receive each year. 

On the one hand, we offer attractive working conditions. On the other hand, our application process is designed to select only those who really fit our company culture. The result is a strong selection process. If you want to work at Numbrs, you not only have to demonstrate an exceptional level of skill, but also fit into the company as a person.

Crunching the numbers

Since the market launch of our app in 2014, more than 60.000 applicants have applied for a position at Numbrs. While we have increasingly managed to control the number of applications through a more effective hiring approach, we receive just over 10.000 applications per year on average. Note that Numbrs employs around 130 people counting in our off site staff.

This high level of interest confirms our assumption – the collaboration between a fixed expert team at our company headquarters in Zurich and remote developers is an attractive prospect for potential employees and freelancers.

Needless to say, origin, gender or age are no factor, when it comes to selecting candidates. The average age of our employees is 31. The youngest employee is 20, whereas the oldest is 52 years old. English is the main language spoken at our company headquarters and our employees are from 28 different countries.

Only the best are hired

Just 0.5% of all applicants to be precise. This means, that from the many thousands of applications we receive, only every 200th is ultimately offered a position. When it comes to recruiting employees, we do not solely focus on selecting the most qualified candidates. We want to select those who can identify with our values.

Data-supported selection

In finding the right staff, a fair and well-designed application process is key. At Numbrs this process comprises 4 stages and includes 4 to 5 interviews including long-standing partners of the company. Only 20% of all applicants make it to stage 1, while less than 5% of all applicants make to stage 4, in which candidates are individually invited to our headquarters in Zurich for a day of comprehensive assessment. 

To ensure a precise analysis of candidate profiles we employ a mixture of data-driven approaches and the right amount of personal live-assessment. Our goal is to determine the actual skill, behaviour and attitude of the candidate, while remaining efficient throughout the process.

Any traits of a candidate, which go beyond these first indicators are difficult to identify during an initial selection and are carefully assessed during the probationary period. As a result, it is often only after the probationary period is over, that we realise whether a candidate fits into our team or not.

On average, however, our employees stay with us for over 1.5 years. This places us slightly above the employment duration of leading tech enterprises like Google or Amazon.

To enhance the chances of a long-term work relationship we refrain from working with headhunters. We rather hand select candidates via external platforms such as LinkedIn and a few others. In addition, we also publish vacancies on our website.

Our vision

We simply want to develop the best app for managing personal finances. A goal that requires the personal responsibility and the will to perform of each individual - no matter in which position. For this reason, our employees are our most important capital. 

The reward for working at Numbrs comprises more than just an attractive salary and numerous additional benefits. If you are looking for a career with a leading and established fintech company, Numbrs is the place for you.


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