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Our New Marketing Studio — Creating Visual Content on Our Own

As announced in our blog a few weeks ago, we aim to develop and produce high quality visual content on our own. This includes video productions, photo shootings and designing various advertising graphics.

For this purpose we have built our own fully functional marketing studio at our company headquarters in Zurich.

In this blogpost we would like to give our readers a better understanding about the new Marketing-Studio and its features:

The Premises

The special requirements of a fully functional studio have shaped the conception of the studio and the construction of the room. The location of the room has been selected so filming does not disturb other departments.

The studio has a 4 meter long glass wall with dense shutters that can be raised and shut automatically. This way curious employees are able to catch a glimpse at an ongoing production and on the other side, the producers can decide to close the shades to work without distraction.

In addition the studio is completely soundproof to ensure excellent sound quality for recordings.

Video Recording

By using one of the newest Canon Digital Cinema cameras and a wide variety of lenses, we are able to capture tiny details as well as wide spaces. The camera has the capability to record 4k RAW as well as 120 frames per second, which allows us to capture every detail and excellent image quality.

Filming in the new RAW format gives us great editing possibilities for colour and frame manipulation but also creates immense amounts of data, as 15 Minutes of RAW footage translates into about 120 gigabytes of data volume.


In order to be prepared for as many scenarios as possible, we use a wide range of “Røde” microphones and accessories, ranging from shotgun microphones to clip-on microphones for interviews. In combination with the “Zoom Audio Recorder” we can even record off-site on up to 5 seperate channels.


The content creation team has full control over the lighting on set. Large blinds and electronic window blinds, shield the set from unwanted light.

Our lightning equipment provides a total of 2100 W/s of flashlight for our photography setup and 117.000 lux of continuous LED light.


For photographic content we use the latest Canon full-frame camera with adaptable lenses from 16mm to 200mm of focal length. The 30 Megapixel sensor in combination with the high ISO qualities of the camera, ensure we never miss a shot, be it off-site, at an interview or on-site in our Studio.

Post Production

Broadcasting on a web-based platform creates great amounts of data. We have high quality standards for our productions to ensure we meet the demands of our viewers. We are able to edit the video and photo material on several 4k ready workstations simultaneously and then export it in any desired format.

Live Streaming

Our live streaming setup allows up to 4 cameras to run at the same time and connects to a variety of services like Facebook or Youtube. For instance, we stream our Friday checkouts to enable our remote employees to watch the news of the week when it happens.

The Team

A good photo and video production is heavily reliant on quality equipment but even more on great teamwork. Our specialized Team contains of people with diverse backgrounds in graphic design as well as photo and video editing.

Independent Content Creation

We are excited to create our own content very soon. The new studio grants us independency from advertising companies and gives us full control over the content, ensuring compliance with the Numbrs values and our principal for high quality advertising.

We are excited that our studio is complete and we look forward to create all visual content independently.


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