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Numbrs starts new advertising campaign in Germany, focusing on the app’s features

We want to create the best possible product for our users. The goal of our banking app Numbrs is to make our users’ financial management mobile and above all very easy and convenient.

Next to functionality and high product quality, we invest particularly much time and effort into the design. The design is the first and most important point of contact between product and the user. That is exactly why product design plays such a key role at Numbrs. Thoroughness, precision and simplicity are our guiding principles when it comes to the design of the app.

Accordingly, we have based our new advertising campaign on our passion for our product and our clear design principles.

Watch the “Mobile Banking” Spot.

What is the campaign about?

Our new campaign clearly focuses on our app, its features and its great usability. During a 30 second TV commercial, the app’s features are explained in easy and clear terms. The spot is simple and straightforward, without unnecessary embellishments or effects. We don’t want to divert too much attention from what matters — the app.

Additionally, we have created a 15 second TV commercial to advertise the especially attractive current account by the Wüstenrot bank and Numbrs that is on offer right now. The Wüstenrot Bank is one of Germany’s most trusted and biggest financial institutions. Users of the Numbrs app thus have the chance to open a Wüstenrot current account in our Numbrs store and receive a €175 cash reward when doing so.

As announced in our previous blog post, we’re also very excited to announce the new logo and brand name.

Watch the “Wüstenrot Bank and Numbrs Girokonto” Spot.

Where can I see the campaign?

The first phase of the campaign has already taken off and contains the two TV spots, various mobile banners as well as additional advertising on social media. The campaign is very broad and diverse and will be displayed prominently across all current media channels.

We hope that our users enjoy our campaign and that we get to follow up with the next one as soon as possible.


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