Numbrs now supports some of the biggest crypto exchanges on the market

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin – for some, they are a profitable means of investment. For others they are the world’s new currency. Whatever stance you may take on cryptocurrency, this new digital money is here to stay. And for many, it already makes up for a substantial proportion of their finances.

At Numbrs our goal is to provide you with the best app to manage your personal finances – no matter the account type. While in the past, users’ finances were unbundled across more or less conventional bank accounts, cryptocurrency is taking an increasingly important share in the portfolio of some of our users.

A new level of functionality

For this reason we have worked with major crypto exchanges over the last months to enable account aggregation with Numbrs.

In other words, all Numbrs users can now add their exchange wallets to our app and receive an even better overview of their finances. However, this technical advance also opens up the gates to new functionalities: Numbrs now also supports German multicurrency accounts, letting you switch between the currencies on your account.

While this boost in functionality makes Numbrs even more comprehensive as a multibanking app, it also makes it more effective as an analytics tool. As Numbrs uses numerous complex algorithms to categorise your data for you and analyse your transactions, it can now provide you with even sharper insights. This helps to optimise your finances and saves you money in the end. In addition, we are already working on our next set of crypto features.

Adding your crypto account to Numbrs is as easy as adding any other bank account to Numbrs. Simply follow these 5 steps:

  1. Go to the profile-symbol in your navigation bar and tap on ‘add account’.
  2. Search for your exchange name and tap on the respective icon.
  3. Sign in to your crypto exchange with your login credentials.
  4. Review your added cryptocurrencies and confirm.
  5. Well done, Numbrs will now upload all crypto transactions into your timeline and update your balances.

Numbrs supports wallets in many different cryptocurrencies. Needless to say, as with all other supported account types, data privacy and security have top priority when connecting your crypto exchange with Numbrs.

Our newest release is already available for Android and is currently being rolled out for iOS. For any further questions about cryptocurrencies in Numbrs or the app in general simply contact our support.

If you haven’t tried Numbrs yet, you can download it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. It is available for iOS as well as Android and comes for free on both systems.

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