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Numbrs Now Supports N26 Accounts

N26 account holders are now able to manage all their accounts with just one app — Numbrs.

Numbrs is not a bank and will never become one. We are developing the best mobile-banking experience, and part of that goal is to continuously aggregate more banks to enable users to get a comprehensive overview of their finances regardless of how many bank accounts they have.

Numbrs, with its many unique banking features, empowers users to manage their personal finances on their own and gives them access to the best banking products. We now support the integration of the German direct bank N26 for Numbrs users.

Another Bank in Our Selection

With more than 3500 banks in Germany, Numbrs is continuously adding more banks, which gives users the chance to use one app instead of multiple.

Implementing N26 is our newest achievement in our mission to make it possible for our users to add all their bank accounts to Numbrs.

N26 account holders are now able to view all their accounts on Numbrs, send money from one account to another, and access the Numbrs Store with the best financial products and exclusive offers.

Fundamentally Different from a Bank

While most banks only focus on creating products and services that benefit them the most. As Numbrs is not a bank, we strive to make the banking industry fair and balanced for consumers.

Our independent and unique position allows us to be different and challenge the muddy waters of the financial world to become a lot more transparent and a lot less complicated.

Every day, our dedicated employees are working hard to make Numbrs the best banking app. Our users can look forward to new features and products very soon.


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