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Numbrs launches new partner program for banks and a new website

Our new B2B program enables partner banks to increase their sales. The complete program can be viewed on the new website at

The Numbrs Store gives users the ability to apply for loans, credit cards and accounts with various banks and financial institutions. Our users benefit from a particularly easy, quick and digital application process. For example, when applying for an account, users do not have to fill out long application forms but are instead guided through the application process by one of our Store Experts inside the Numbrs Chat in just a few minutes.

An additional benefit is our specially developed video identification system, enabling users to find their desired product, apply for it and complete the entire process in a few moments. The Numbrs Store has been welcomed positively by our users after the first couple of months and we are especially excited about the positive feedback regarding the simplicity of the purchasing process

Moreover, the Numbrs Store also functions as a new distribution channel with many additional advantages for our partner banks. We aim to assist our partner banks on every level when it comes to the sale of their products.

An in-depth description of the additional services can be found on our new B2B website at Below is a short summary of Numbrs’ new B2B program and its features:

The fastest and simplest sales process.

Within just a few minutes, Numbrs users can find and select their desired financial product in the Numbrs Store, apply for it in the Numbrs Chat and then complete the process with the Numbrs video identification process. The entire sales process is conducted inside Numbrs, meaning there is no cost or effort on the side of the bank.

Complimentary video identification process.

We are not just offering our partner banks the best video identification there is, but also providing this service completely free of charge.

Product of the Month. Advertise with Numbrs.

Numbrs partners with select partners to promote a “Product of the Month” every month. As a participating partner bank in the Numbrs Store, every month we offer you the chance to advertise a selected product as a “Product of the Month” as part of a 360° marketing campaign. An example would be our current advertising campaign with the Wüstenrot bank.


Banks can offer their full range of products and services to potential and existing customers within a special part of the Numbrs Store that is exclusively reserved for them.

Numbrs as banking app.

Partner banks may use Numbrs as their official banking app, giving their customers the best possible mobile banking experience. This allows banks to save on costly development and maintenance expenses.

No IT expenses.

Banks can focus exclusively on their core business. Our technology is built to fit with the banks existing systems so that no technical implementation is required.

Considering the range and quality of the services on offer, the Numbrs B2B program is unique in the industry, offering unprecedented opportunities for our partner banks in terms of distribution and marketing.

Thanks to the fully digitalised and completely automated sales process, our partner banks get to decrease their efforts and expenses, whilst simultaneously increasing their sales.

The program’s website has only been online for a few days, but potential partners have already expressed strong interest. We’re excited about the next steps that we will be taking together with our new partners.


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