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Numbrs Insights – The Best Products From Leading Banks and Insurers in One Data Driven Feature

A product or service can be as good as it gets, if it isn’t marketed to the right audience it can become a shelf warmer. This is one of the reasons why every company employs some form of marketing. It is a universal truth for any business and valid for almost anything that money can buy. However, timing is equally important. In a world, where the only constant is change, everyone’s requirements vary over time. Being able to offer the right product to the right audience at the just right time is what creates a win-win situation for customers and companies alike.

From the very beginning our goal at Numbrs was to help our users improve and optimise their personal finances. While we do this by giving our users a clear overview of their overall financial status and a strong analysis based on their transactions, we wanted to provide them with a feature, which would allow us to maintain a sustainable business model while creating even greater value for our users. In other words, we wanted to offer our users just the right product at exactly the time when they need it. The result are our Numbrs Insights. 

Numbrs is not a price comparison portal

While users can freely search and compare any kind of financial products and insurers on the internet, the process bears drawbacks. The offers can seem endless and sometimes even confusing. In addition, the offers may not always fit a users needs. Here are some examples:

  • If you don’t go on holidays, you probably won’t need an insurance package featuring travel insurance.
  • If you usually pay cash, you want to avoid a bank account or a credit card with unnecessary withdrawal fees.
  • If you are moving you may need a higher liability insurance.

You get the point. But there is another reason, why comparing everything yourself may not always be the best choice. As good as we are in judging our financial situation, data based AI has simply become better and better over time. Just like the Numbrs Insights.    

The idea behind Insights

Based on data, Insights detects whenever the user could save money or benefit from a financial or insurance product. When this is the case, an atomic icon on the Homescreen becomes active and tappable. For each financial Insight that Numbrs detects, it shows the user a card. Insight cards cover all areas of personal finance, where money can be saved. Whether it be avoiding unnecessary transaction fees or withdrawal fees, refinancing or consolidating existing loans, or simply providing information on how much money has been spent at a specific store. 

The feature relies purely on data and is driven by several complex algorithms, which build upon each other. This way the analysis of a user’s finances remains neutral and products are recommended without bias.

More than 30 leading banks and insurers are partnering with Numbrs 

Feeding a financial insight feature through data driven AI is powerful. However, every detected insight about unlocking financial potential is only as powerful as the solution to unlock it. For this reason we have partnered with several leading banks and insurers over the last years to provide our users not only with the knowledge on where they can save, but also to help them with just the right product from a large spectrum of partners. Our partners include Axa, Zurich, Allianz, Deutsche Bank, SWK Bank, Creditplus, Barclays, Santander, Societe Generale, 1822direkt, Advanzia, Hanseatic, Maxda, Postbank, Royal Bank of Scotland and many more. 

While it is great to see that Numbrs users have access to such a broad spectrum of products from leading banks and insurers, as so often the beauty of it lies in the hidden – you’ll only ever see them, when Numbrs Insights detects that you could need them.

If you are curious about how Numbrs Insights can help you save money, simply download the app, add all your accounts and see what it finds. Numbrs is available in the Apple App Store as well as the Android Play Store and is completely free.

For feedback, further questions about the Insights feature, our partners or the Numbrs app in general simply contact our support.

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