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Never Lose Track Of Your Highest Purchases Again with The “Top 3 Merchants” Insight

Summer is the time of year where we tend to spend more money than usual. This is especially true this year. Whether it’s new outfits, a new bike, or anything that relates to your summer vacation. Spending can get a bit out of control. To keep track of all your purchases this year, we designed the Insight “Top 3 merchants” as part of our Spending habits feature. 

After previously showcasing “Average spending”, we now talk about the more detailed analysis of where you spend your money.

Who gets most of my money?

Everyone has favourite retailers or merchants to shop at. It is therefore  good to know who the favourites are. It can help you understand the type of purchases you make and also allows you to accurately review your spending. 

With “Top 3 merchants”, we go into granular detail of your spending habits. You receive a detailed report on your three most favourite merchants. See where a big part of your money goes and decide, whether you are in need of a change or not. 

“Top 3 merchants” automatically updates, based on your current spending within the last 90 days and always provides you the most up to date information.

Detailed reports based on your transactions

Our Insights take advantage of algorithms and data analytics, provided by the transactions of every bank account you add to Numbrs. If you added all of your relevant accounts already, then “Top 3 merchants'' is able to identify all purchases at all merchants. You don’t have to do anything. 

If your accounts show multiple purchases at one specific merchant, our Insights dynamically calculate everything for you. As you already know, the results are displayed in a convenient visual presentation. You see your top 3 in one overview, alongside the amount of transactions, and get a financial report of your spending within the last 90 days, specifically for these top 3. 

On top of that, you also receive information, how much of your regular income you spent at your “Top 3 merchants”, so you can take action at any point. Automatically generated, regularly updated. But that is not all. You can choose to see all your top merchants in a convenient list with all the data that we show for your top 3. This list automatically updates every 90 days which makes it easy for you to track your spending. 

Additionally, we provide information about the availability of loyalty programs. Most merchants and retailers allow customers to earn points or rewards with every purchase. If you haven’t added your loyalty cards to Numbrs yet, you can quickly scan your plastic card right from this screen. 

By adding your loyalty card to Numbrs, you can leave your physical cards at home and use the digital version from now on. This way, you will never miss out on loyalty points ever again. With this feature, we want to help you save more money with every purchase you make.

Begin your Spending habits analysis right now and take advantage of our new Insights.

If you want to learn more about the new features of Numbrs Wallet, head to If you have any further questions or comments, you can always contact our friendly support team. You can reach us via chat in the app or via email at

If you are looking for one app to manage your entire financial life, Numbrs Wallet is the app for you. It is available for iOS and Android.

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