More Than 3500 Applications in 10 Days – How All-Remote Helps Numbrs in Building a Global Workforce

It was just last week that we announced that Numbrs is pioneering the first fully virtual organisation in the financial service industry. This makes Numbrs the first Swiss Fintech Unicorn to become an all-remote company. In other words, all our teams can now work from any place in the world. Since announcing our all-remote strategy, we received incredible reactions and have counted more than 3500 applications in just 10 days.

700% increase in applications

To put things into perspective, last year we received an average of 1000 applications per month. That makes around 500 applications every two weeks. Since becoming an all-remote company we have received just over 3500 applications in 10 days. This marks an impressive 700% increase. To break this down for this month, the first half of April saw 250 applications for 17 open positions, where the second half of April following our all-remote launch brought us 3500 applications for 28 open positions. This means, we went from 15 applicants per job to 125 applicants per job, marking an 800% increase in applications this April. This clearly shows that the boost in applications cannot be attributed to an increase in job openings or fluctuation alone.

Applications received per month:

Why all-remote works

While Numbrs has always received a high amount of applications, the increase in candidates since our switch to an all-remote model has skyrocketed. We attribute this to the following 3 reasons:

  • A global workforce. A remote strategy allows us to build teams in almost every country in the world, creating a global presence for our brand. In addition to all of Europe, we have since considered applications from Asia, Australia, South America, USA, Canada and Africa.

  • A strong vision. The high amount of applications confirms our market position as a global technology leader and demonstrates the increasing relevance of data-driven AI as well as smart technologies in the modern financial services industry. In other words, engineers and marketeers around the globe believe in our vision and want to become part of it. 

  • Cutting edge technology. As of now, we are still one of the few all-remote companies, which have managed to fully harness current technologies and create a virtual environment, in which our productivity has increased while offering our teams the full flexibility of a remote-work setup. In addition to the newest video call and communication software we have revised and re-designed every process in our company to be fully applicable in a remote environment.

Covid-19 - the tipping point and opportunity

At the beginning of March, in anticipation of the worsening of the Covid-19 situation, we were one of the first companies globally to implement a mandatory home office policy for all our staff members. Because we had taken this measure early on, we were able to gain experience on our remote setup and have since streamlined it to become a seamless virtual environment, managing to increase the productivity of our entire organisation.  In anticipation of further waves of Covid-19 outbreaks and the associated fundamental changes in society, business and politics, we then decided to go fully remote with Numbrs and pioneer the introduction of the first full virtual organisation at scale.

3500 applications in 10 days highlights that the world of work is changing. Was this change initiated by Covid-19? Maybe. But as we strongly believe, some changes cannot be undone. For us, this is just the beginning – a revolution in the workplace, here to stay for good.

For feedback, further questions about our company or the Numbrs app in general simply contact our support. You can find our current job listings with all open positions on our career page. We look forward to receiving your application.

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