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Inside the Numbrs headquarters

One of the most state-of-the-art company headquarters in Technology

Shaping the future of banking is what Numbrs employees do every day. Such an endeavour requires a perfectly fine-tuned and tailored work environment. And that is exactly what we have created here at the Numbrs headquarters.

Numbrs’ 2,000 m2 headquarters is located in Zurich’s centre, in a building built and formerly used by the tech company Philips. In the early ’60s, the building made design history. Whilst modern and representative on the outside, the work and office spaces were already quite adaptable then.

Numbrs moved into the building in October 2015 following its structural restoration. Every detail in the office was adjusted to the requirements set out by the highest quality standards.

We oriented ourselves less by the often playful and colourful headquarters of various start-ups and tech companies, taking inspiration instead from the luxury offered by 5-star hotels and the clear structures of the production facilities of leading enterprises in their respective industries, such as Apple or BMW.

In order to implement our vision and create the ideal company headquarters all the way to the smallest detail, we designed several aspects of the furnishing ourselves. The opaque curtains, the light channels, the ceiling covering, the work desks and entire floorplan were thus designed and made by us. Each work environment provides every employee with a unique atmosphere, thereby encouraging them to be at their best each day.

The Location

The Numbrs headquarters is located in the heart of Zurich. The company hub can be reached easily through various means of public transportation. The city centre and the lake can be accessed within just a few minutes. A natural recreational park is located nearby, as well as various facilities for sports and one of Zurich’s biggest malls. Thanks to great highway connections, you can reach the airport or even the Alps in no time.

The Office

The office is a dedicated, state-of-the-art facility with all the resources needed to keep us on the cutting edge of technology. Equipped with its own spacious product room, private meeting rooms, dozens of white boards, customised and made to measure tables and other gadgets, it stimulates the best innovative thinking and efficiency.

In our production rooms, the best developers come together to work on the Numbrs banking app. The work rooms here are designed to be collaborative and still provide the opportunity to focus closely on a single task. Employees can move into one of the many design booths in order to work in a more concentrated manner or exchange and interact with a colleague. The production rooms themselves are dominated by a casual and collaborative work atmosphere.

The Cafe & Restaurant

Employees can relax in the exquisitely equipped and furnished café and restaurant and recharge their batteries before going back to face their work challenges. Our restaurant provides a free daily lunch buffet consisting of fresh salads and a selection of hot dishes. In the café, our employees can take some time off while playing a round of pool or simply relax on one of the cosy sofas. Coffee, fruits and a selection of soft drinks are always at their disposal.

The Gym

Working at Numbrs is mentally taxing and requires a healthy mind and body. Our well-equipped gym provides our employees with the opportunity to engage in physical activity. The new training equipment and private showering cabins can be used by all of our employees. The gym is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be used free of charge.

The Cinema

Lights, camera, action. Our cinema has space for over 120 employees and offers the luxury and functionality of a fully equipped movie theatre. In the fully air-conditioned room, our employees can meet up and discuss projects. This is where, once a week, the entire team comes together to find out what happened in the given week which in turn results in new strategies and developments.

The Lobby

We want to make sure that the team can fully focus on their challenges. For this reason, the management team and the investors relations department receive guests in a separate area. We call this area the Lobby. This prevents guests from entering the office without an invitation. Our industry requires high secrecy and confidentiality and we follow these principles closely here at Numbrs.

Our company headquarters provides the ideal work environment through which we can achieve our goals. We will continue to expand our production facilities gradually, whilst at ensuring at the same time that it is a place our team can call home.


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