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How Numbrs Converts User Feedback into Real Improvements

Numbrs takes all user requests serious and works hard to implement as many enhancements as possible. Therefore our Product Department, Customer Support and the Store Team closely work together.

Numbrs Listens to its Users

We have a clear process on how to handle any kind of user feedback. When users in the Numbrs Support or Store Chat put forward a request for a new feature or a specific financial product that is not available at the time, our chat experts immediately take note. Then a new task is created in our internal ticketing system or if the request has been made before, a number count is added to keep track of the most wanted features and products.

Our product department checks the tasks on a regular basis and from it has created a priority list to tend to the best features first. Focusing on the most requested features also ensures that Numbrs keeps its simplistic design and does not get clogged up by any unnecessary items that are more distracting than helpful.

One example for a highly requested feature was the possibility to add the free credit card by Advanzia to the app, which currently is our Product of the Month in the Numbrs Store. Our developers successfully focused on developing the new feature to make sure it can be added to the app at launch of the Product of the Month campaign.

Numbrs fosters an open and transparent communication culture with our users as well as internally among its employees. Just like with our users, our employees are encouraged to express new ideas to improve their tools with which they handle their daily business tasks.

This continuously improves the quality to execute their duties which ultimately leads to a greater user experience. As Store Experts and Support Experts work with the interface on a daily basis to respond to incoming user requests, they know best what works well and where improvements are needed. On account of this, every support employee can create a ticket in which a desired change or improvement is described in detail. From this another priority list is created, this time for the Numbrs Support and Store Experts, to make sure the most beneficial features are tended to first.

Numbrs Users Are Never in the Wrong Place

Our Store and Support teams are separated, so each team can focus on their respective fields of proficiency and to guarantee that there is no compromise in the quality of service, however the communication between the two departments is seamless.

In case a user visits our Store Chat to apply for a product, it often occurs that a the same time they have a question about a newly implemented feature or a technical issue, which is better answered by the Support Team. The same can happen in the Support Chat, that users ask about a certain product criterion.

When this happens the query is immediately forwarded to the right department in detail and with sufficient context. This way they never have to ask the same question twice as is often the case when contacting customer Support in other services.

Numbrs cherishes an atmosphere of open and friendly communication where everyone is included and encouraged to chat not only about work related topics but also socialise on a personal level which has formed many friendships.

This culture is reflected throughout Numbrs and reaches our users who know they are heard and their requests are taken seriously, which is one of many reasons why they love and so enthusiastically support Numbrs.


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