Fully GDPR compliant – Numbrs excels in further data protection test

The trust of our users is our most valuable asset. Numbrs respects the privacy of every individual. As a result, we are especially proud to have passed another rigorous data protection test, highlighting our full compliance with the European General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

The EU General Data Privacy Regulation came into force in May 2018 and provides individuals with comprehensive data rights and protection. Among various requirements, the law states that all data processing systems have to be designed on the basis of relevant data protection principles. It also limits companies to obtain only the information about a user, which they really require for their service. In addition, users have the right to know, correct and to delete their personal data, held by a company at any given time. For more information on GDPR click here.

As a leading personal finance app, Numbrs is fully committed to user privacy and data protection. In consequence, we continuously seek out independent specialist organisations and bodies to assess our app and its technologies on our GDPR compliance.

Our most recently obtained certificate is the IITR Standard CPS 100, which was awarded by the IITR CERT GmbH, an independent German auditor for data protection and security.

The rigorous audit was conducted from June 2019 to October 2019 and comprised numerous areas of testing, including but not limited to:

  • Involvement of employees in data protection
  • Full compliance with the German data protection law articles 30(1) & (2) DS-GVO
  • Implementation of the relevant processes allowing the data subjects to exercise their rights under data protection law
  • Execution of data processing agreements with all sub-processors Consideration of data protection when using websites
  • Data protection when using IT systems
  • Implementation of relevant processes for the handling of data breaches
  • Physical access protection measures
  • Access control and access security measures
  • Measures for the protection of transmission
  • Confidentiality measures
  • Data protection impact assessment

Following our recent renewal of the TÜV’s trusted certificate “Certified App”, we are particularly proud to have passed yet another comprehensive test on GDPR, which is regarded by many companies as a difficult regulation to meet. 

Other certifications which Numbrs currently holds:

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