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Discover Your Most Expensive Day Of The Week With Our Insight “Daily Spending”

Have you ever wondered if there is one specific day of the week where you spend the most money on a regular basis? On the surface, this seems like a small aspect. But it defines your habits of spending very well.

Following our introduction to the Insights “Average Spending”, as well as “Top 3 merchants” and “Spending on merchant”, this new Insight analyses your spending habits, based on every weekday. It complements well with all the other Insights you already use and might tell you something about your weekly routines that you have never noticed before.

Each day matters

Spending patterns are normal. Think about it, is there one specific day where you tend to go grocery shopping every week? Do you stop at a coffee shop every morning for a cup of coffee to go? Or do you treat yourself to a shopping tour once a week? 

Chance is, the more habits you have, the more complicated it gets to manually keep track of all your spending.  Let’s say you always spend the most money on Thursdays – why is that the case? How does your day look? Is it grocery shopping day or do you get off work earlier and jump right into online shopping? 

These are questions that the “Daily spending” Insight is able to answer. Fully automatic and based on the transactions of the bank accounts you added to Numbrs.

Your week, in a chart

“Daily spending” uses data from the past 90 days to dynamically calculate every single day of your work week.

Once you open the Insight, a graphical overview of your weekdays shows you your average spending for each day. The bars conveniently show which day stands out the most. This chart updates dynamically. Alongside the “Top 3 merchants” Insight, you can quickly check how much you spent for what on your most expensive day. 

“Daily spending” lets you understand your spending habits even better. So begin your Spending habits analysis right now and take advantage of our new Insight.

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