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A Fresh Look for Numbrs: New Logo and App Symbol

The new visual appearance of Numbrs highlights our aspiration, to enable all of our users to manage all their banking transactions, simple, secure, and neutral. Our new corporate design includes a new Numbrs logo, a new app symbol, and a new website.

Numbrs Is not a Bank

Numbrs is not a Bank. We neither develop nor offer our own financial products. The resulting neutrality enables us to support every user to manage all their bank transactions, in a non-partisan and bank-independent way. Numbrs is committed to neutrality for all of its users in accordance to Swiss tradition. Precisely this principle is now also reflected in our new and modern corporate design.

The New Numbrs Logo

The centre of the new brand presence is the Numbrs logo. It was carefully refined into a single-colored wordmark. The unequivocal name “Numbrs” stands by itself. The font style is concise, clear and contemporary. The color of the logo was completely reinterpreted. We now focus on a bright and robust red, which primarily presents the Swiss roots of the company. Also, at a closer look, the Swiss Cross is noticeable between the letters “u” and “m.”

The new Numbrs App Symbol

New App Symbol

The Numbrs app symbol shows now even more than before, the utility of the banking features of the app. The pictogram of a classic building of a bank highlights the aspiration to manage all bank transactions with Numbrs in a simple and secure manner. Now the background color of the app symbol, just like the Numbrs logo, is a powerful red to show a consistent visual appearance.

New Website

Over the course of this week, we will not only publish the new Numbrs logo and app symbol but also a new website. With a completely remastered design and greater user-friendliness, visitors of www.numbrs.com will be able to obtain even more information about the banking app and our company.

We will publish the new Numbrs logo as well as the new app symbol gradually for all users during this week. We hope you like our new brand design.

If you have questions or comments about our new corporate design, our support team is happy to receive your messages. You can reach our support team via email under support@numbrs.com or directly from within the app by chat.


Numbrs Team

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