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6 reasons why you need Numbrs

More than 1.8 million bank accounts in Germany are connected to Numbrs. Those who manage their accounts with Numbrs already benefit from the simplicity which it brings to their financial lives. For those who aren’t using Numbrs yet, we have put together our top 6 reasons, why you might benefit from our app.

If one or more of these 6 signs apply to you, chances are you may be missing Numbrs in your app collection.

  1. You have multiple bank accounts
    If you have more than one bank account, you’re right on trend. In fact, every second German has at least four bank accounts at the same time. While this may allow you to secure the best conditions, a growing number of accounts also makes it increasingly difficult to maintain an overview of your finances. This is where Numbrs can help. Instead of logging in to different banking apps with different logins to get an overview of your finances or to transfer money across accounts, you can manage all your accounts, cards and credits with Numbrs - no matter from which bank. To make it even simpler, our Homescreen shows you your overall financial status – all your accounts – in just one number.

  2. You’re interested in cryptocurrencies
    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin – whether you see them as a profitable means of investment or as the world’s new currencies, this new digital money is here to stay. While in the past, users’ finances were spread across mostly conventional bank accounts, crypto exchanges are now taking an increasingly important share in many peoples’ portfolio. For this reason we have worked with major crypto exchanges over the last months to enable account aggregation with Numbrs. In other words, you can now add your exchange wallet to our app, check your entire crypto portfolio and receive an even better overview of your finances.
  3. You live a busy and spontaneous life
    If you enjoy the freedom of making spontaneous decisions, do not like planning years in advance or simply don’t want to worry about life’s financial unexpectancies, we have a valuable loan feature for you. ‘+ Money’ detects when your financial resources may be running low and lets you apply for a fast and attractive loan in just 3 easy steps with a payout period of as a little as 2 working days. So whether you need to cover unplanned moving expenses, face an unexpected emergency, would like to avoid overdraft fees or simply want to afford something you have always wanted, check for the ‘+ Money’ icon on your Homescreen and apply for a fast and attractive loan.

  4. You don’t want to think about budget
    Those who ever tried to track their daily expenses might have noticed how difficult this can be, especially over a longer period of time. As a result, you either end up overspending your monthly budget or denying yourself purchases, which you could have easily afforded. Our ‘Left to spend’ feature helps you avoid those daily guesstimates on how much money you have left to spend. By adding all your bank accounts and setting yourself a monthly budget in the app, Numbrs can track your expenses for you and tell you how much money you have left to spend each month – all in one number, straight from your Homescreen. Not only does this support you in reaching your financial goals, but also helps you to make everyday decisions. So the next time you see that great looking dress, those shiny new sneakers or that wish list flat screen on sale, you’ll know exactly whether you can afford it or not.

  5. You want to manage your finances from anywhere and anytime
    Remember the last time you queued at your local bank just to print out a transaction statement, send money or set up a standing order? If you do, chances are Numbrs could entirely change the way you do banking. Not only can you send money, set up standing orders or use the Timeline to scroll through your past transactions in a single swipe, Numbrs lets you do this for all your different bank accounts, at any time – 24 hours a day 7 days a week – and from anywhere in the world. What this means is much more control over your finances, much less effort to manage them and a lot of extra time on your hands.

  6. You want a carefree experience when it comes to safety
    There are already enough things to worry about in our everyday lives. That’s why we’ve designed Numbrs to be none of them. If you want your data to be safe, Numbrs is the multibanking app for you. Your data privacy and security is our highest priority. We will never sell your data and we protect it with strict guidelines and measures. These include complex encryption, ongoing security tests by independent institutions, the use of all security measures on your smartphone (passphrases, PIN, Touch ID, Face ID), as well as structural and educational measures within our organisation. In addition, we fully comply – and have been certified accordingly – with the demanding European General Data Protection Regulation. In the end, it’s simple. You trust us with your finances. In return we provide you with the best and safest app to manage them.

There are even more ways, in which Numbrs can help you to improve your finances - whether it be through our personalised Insights or categorising your transactions for an even better analysis. Simply try it out yourself. Numbrs is available in the Apple App Store as well as the Android Play Store and is completely free.

For feedback, further questions on our features or the Numbrs app in general simply contact our support team


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