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36.000 applications in 3.5 years

Since the market launch of our app “Numbrs” in April 2014, more than 36.000 applicants have applied for a position at our company, 12.000 of which contacted us within the first eight months of 2017.

Since working with freelancers internationally, we have been recording significant growth in the number of incoming applications. This positive trend confirms our assumption that the collaboration between a fixed expert team at our company headquarters in Zurich and talented freelance developers is an attractive prospect for potential employees.

Diversity is a key element of our company culture. Origin, gender or age make no difference to us when it comes to selecting candidates. The average age of our employees is 32. The youngest employee is 19, whereas the oldest is 68 years old. English is the main language spoken at our company headquarters and our employees are from 28 different countries.

Just 0.6% of all applicants are hired

When it comes to recruiting employees, we do not solely focus on selecting the most qualified candidates. It’s also about selecting those candidates that best match or corporate culture and help us achieve our goals. From the many thousands of applicants, only every 151st candidate and just 0.6% of all candidates are ultimately hired. But how will we, as a consistently growing enterprise with an increasing number of applications, continue to filter out the best employees in the future?

Our application process comprises three stages and used to include up to 10 interviews per applicant in the past. By streamlining our processes, however, this number was reduced to four to five interviews. It’s a particularly difficult task for our human resources department to find out the actual skills, behaviours and attitudes of any candidate during the application process.

The true traits of any candidate are difficult to discern prior to employment. An accurate assessment from one of our HR employees requires excellent knowledge of human nature, expert knowledge in the relevant area of specialisation, as well as deep identification with our corporate culture. A requirement that barely any employee can fulfil.

Avoiding frustration and disappointment

For this reason, it is often only after the trial period is over, that we realise whether a candidate fits into our team or not. On average, our employees stay with us for nearly 1.5 years. This places us slightly above the employment duration of leading tech enterprises like Google or Amazon.

Nevertheless, unrealistic expectations and disappointments can often be spotted on job websites like Kununu or on social media. We cannot relate to the emotional nature of the reviews and comments, but we understand the frustration expressed by rejected candidates as well as employees that failed to successfully complete their trial period.

Data-driven decisions

70% of our employees work in our technology departments. From now on, we want to better integrate our core competency in the area of data collection and data analysis into our human resources department and improve the analysis of candidate profiles by data-driven analyses. Accordingly, we will renew the structure of our HR department step by step and automate corresponding recruitment measures.

To name one example from our new approach, we will no longer publish job vacancies on our corporate website. Furthermore, we will only be working with headhunters in very rare cases and we will also withdraw ads from online job platforms. Based on an internal data evaluation, we have come to understand that websites like Monster or LinkedIn resulted in too many standardised mass applications.

Our employees are our most important capital. For this reason, the human resources department is one of the most crucial elements of our business. By introducing data-driven measures, automated recruitment processes and clear requirement profiles, we will slowly but surely bring HR to a new level of quality and be able to act in a more goal-oriented and efficient manner when it comes to selecting the best employees for Centralway Numbrs.

We will precisely analyse the results brought forth by the data-driven decisions and are excited to see the new developments and changes.


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